Boundaries As Self-Compassion Workshop

June 26-27, 9am-12pm PST


Ginni Bradbury of G FORCE Fit4Life and I have come together to bring you an experiential growth and healing virtual workshop for those who want to build courage while embracing compassion for themselves and others in setting healthy personal boundaries.’

Through interactive personal reflective exercises, you will be encouraged to honor yourself by unveiling your needs, your challenges, your TRUTH in order to initiate an assertive ‘plan of action’, allowing you to welcome boundaries as an act of self-care. In addition to acquiring tools to support boundary intentions, you will also be inspired through self-awareness as we invite deeper understanding of personal bodily and emotional states of being, so you can recognize your needs in the moment. In this self-affirming workshop, all elements are asserting this innate truth … YOU MATTER!!

 Boundaries As Self-Compassion on June 26-27, 9am -12pm PST is a journey of step-by-step, custom boundary building, interactive sharing, worksheet exercises, self reflection quizzes, role playing, visualizing in guided meditations, talking back to your inner critic, and building courage to be assertive and move THROUGH the hard emotions that come up!

We’re looking to sponsor 1-2 women who can attend LIVE, but cost is prohibitive, so please use the Contact form. 

*10% of ticket sales will be donated to Laura’s House – to a local non-profit that strives to end domestic abuse and provides shelter.*

I use the Nonviolent Communication process (highly recommend btw!)

Workshop itinerary:

 – DAY 1: ASSERTIVENESS, SELF-COMPASSION, BOUNDARIES – assertiveness and boundaries as it relates to self-compassion, worthiness, mindfulness, body awareness, participant introductions, opening guided meditation, step-by-step creation of your custom written/verbal boundary, recap of boundaries (when, why, how to know, examples), non-violent communication, needs, sandwich technique, short body scan meditation, participant sharing

DAY 2: BUILDING COURAGE, CREATING YOUR COMPASSIONATE ‘GAME-PLAN,’ RELEASING BLOCKS – using self-compassion when making the decision to speak up, talking back to your inner critic exercise, creating custom, self-affirming loving kindness affirmations, managing emotion in the moment, strategies to overcome fear, deep guided meditation on self-compassion, worthiness, and courage, bubble of protection, identifying blocks/stories/projections, role playing exercises, releasing blocks with The Sedona Method


At the end of the workshop, you will have:

–A deeper appreciation for yourself through active and mindful self-compassion

–Custom word-for-word written boundary applicable to a current situation in your life

–Stronger sense of courage to ask for what you need in the face of other peoples’ negative emotions

–Improved confidence in knowing what to do when someone crosses your boundary

–Improved body awareness to better identify when you’re being triggered and how to successfully soothe yourself with mindful self-compassion ‘in the moment’

–Guided interactive worksheet

–Customized list of healing affirmations that will support you in creating worthiness

–“Lifetime” access to the recording!

–Discounts for future events/services

–Access to a private FB group just for participants


Workshop FAQ:

Q: When is it? A: Saturday, Sunday, June 26-27, 9am-12pm PST

Q: Where is it? A: virtual on Zoom

Q: Are there breaks? A: Yes of course!

Q: What if I can’t stay for the whole workshop? A: We will provide a recording!

Q: What if I sign up, but then can’t make it live? A: We will provide a recording!

Q: How long is the recording available for? A: “lifetime” access!

Q: Are there “woo-woo” or religious undertones at this workshop? A: The live guided meditations will guide you towards your intuition and inner knowing, but we won’t talk about anything mystical or supernatural or religious or anything like that.


If any of these speak to your heart, I really hope you join us <3

“I don’t want to be or know how to be assertive.”

“I’m afraid to set boundaries.”

“I give others a lot of slack, but am super critical and hard on myself.”

“I have a lot of negative self-talk and judge myself harshly.”

“My feelings, wants, needs, desires don’t matter.”

“I usually avoid the discomfort of other peoples’ negative emotions.”

“I struggle with unworthiness and feelings of shame and/or guilt.”

“I give others the benefit of the doubt to my detriment.”

“I don’t want to be a burden.”

“I lack a personal sense of identity.”

“I feel like I absorb other peoples’ energy.”

“I feel responsible for others’ feelings.”

“I feel I need to fix other peoples’ bad feelings.”

“I cause harm to myself by not asking for what I need from others for fear of how they will react.”

Brought to you by Sarah Lenzini from The Assertive Woman in partnership with Ginni Bradbury of G FORCE Fit 4 Life – Health and Healing Coach.

Your ‘workshop journey’ will initiate a personal healing experience while offering you information to invite greater compassion for yourself, clarity, understanding, empathy, love, and forgiveness for yourself and others as you embrace a more fearless confidence to step into your TRUE self, KNOWING that YOU MATTER, YOU ARE worthy and YOU CAN do it! (Open to men and women).

 *A portion of ticket sales will be donated to Laura’s House – a local domestic abuse shelter!*

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