Understanding Men

I’ve personally completed three of Alison Armstrong’s workshops: Understanding Men, Understanding Women, and Being Extraordinary as a Woman (formerly known as The Queen’s Code for Life) and I can tell you these are game-changers for how you relate to yourself, men, and other women. I got so much insight from them, I signed up to be an affiliate for Alison because I got THAT much out of these courses, highly highly recommend! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!

They helped me see the connection between assertiveness and femininity in a whole new way. Femininity is not weakness or being out of control. There are feminine forms of power such as Serenity, Compassion, Receptivity, and Generosity. I learned that being in my feminine form of power is way more effective than being in a masculine form of power (controlling, demanding, self-sufficiency).

The key to feminine assertiveness is to understand what it is that you NEED in order to BE how you want to BE, how you want to SHOW UP. If you want to show up to those you love with patience, generosity, compassion, understanding, and love, then what do you NEED in order to show up that way? And once you know what you NEED, you can formulate an assertive “Great Ask” statement from those you love and ask for them to help you meet your needs so you can show up as your best self.

I learned all this and more from these workshops and can’t recommend them enough! This is my only affiliate because I believe in it and the wisdom Alison shares. You too can feel powerful in your femininity, CLICK HERE for more info.

Here is what Alison’s team has to share: 

Do you want to gain clarity and understanding about yourself, along with simple and practical tools to create more joy, intimacy, pleasure, and partnership?

Author and internationally known relationship expert, Alison Armstrong, has spent almost 30 years studying what makes the sexes truly opposite — and in opposition to one another. She teaches men and women how to create EXTRAORDINARY relationships with these differences, instead of in spite of them. Her students RAVE about her content as the most “original” and life-changing, and her logic, sense of humor and pragmatic solutions will delight and deliver!

“I wish we all knew these things from school…I already feel so relieved. I feel I can give up the struggle with my relationships and I also feel that something has already changed about my relationship with men. Thank you so much!!!” — Danai M., Greece

 If you’re inspired to transform your relationships, it’s time to check out Alison’s flagship online programs… Understanding Men & Understanding Women. CLICK HERE.

The courses are offered with 6, 30 or 90 day access to fit your learning style. All include live and/or recorded conference calls with Alison.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, single or in a relationship Understanding Men & Understanding Women will help you: 

  • Stop sabotaging your needs …to improve your relationships
  • Learn why criticism is not only ineffective, it’s deadly, and what to do instead
  • Understand what makes men willing AND glad for the opportunity to share
  • Inspire desire in your partner, and experience more intimacy
  • Gain simple tools to bring out the best in yourself, and the men and women in your life

Together these online programs return you to your relationships restored, empowered, and confident. They can also be taken separately.

Learn more by CLICKING HERE.


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