“Boundaries” has been a buzz word for quite a while now.

Everyone knows generally what they are (maybe) and that they are typically a good thing.

I think where it starts to get a little fuzzy is not having a concrete image in our minds of what boundaries actually look like.

Things like WHEN do we set boundaries, for WHICH situations, and WHAT do we say exactly?

HOW do people respond when we set a boundary? What exactly happens step-by-step?

And then of course, WHAT will we get out of setting boundaries anyway? What’s the point?

These are all great questions and originally, these questions were where I got hung up too.

I’ll start by addressing the fact of why setting boundaries are a good thing and why we should do these from time to time.

Remember, we teach people how to treat us and setting boundaries doesn’t have to be some long, drawn out, process (and they’re definitely NOT about controlling or manipulating others!!).

A boundary doesn’t even have to be verbalized, it can simply be a decision in your own mind that you will or will not do something.

How we treat ourselves is the template for how others treat us. 

All boundaries start with an intentional decision to take care of yourself better.

For me, setting boundaries came with a sense of inner peace, self esteem, empowerment, confidence, and that I had the power over my own destiny.

That I truly did have a choice and could decide how I lived my life, who I spent my time with, and the priorities I chose to have day to day.

It comes down to deciding for yourself what feelings you want to have, identifying which people and situations bring up feelings you don’t want to have, and deciding to make a different choice about those negative feelings and situations.

It’s taking responsibility for your feelings, behaviors, actions, and choices and not being a victim to what life gives you.

I realized that most women want to have better boundaries with themselves and others.

But where they get caught up is in the confusion of how and when to do it and the fear of speaking their truth.

They just don’t feel courageous enough to speak up!

That’s why I’m working on creating a brand new online course that will answer all these questions and address these concerns exactly.

The course I’m creating strives to help you feel empowered, confident, brave, and ready to build happier and healthier relationships with others by deciding which boundaries to set, with whom, and when.

When I launch the course, it will be a beta launch since this is the first time I’m launching it which means there may be a limited number of spots available due to me wanting focused feedback!

If you are definitely interested, join the waitlist HERE and be the first to know about when the course is ready!

Once you join the waitlist, reply to the welcome email and let me know what you’d LOVE to see from the Boundaries Course!

I can probably add it in since I’m still creating it!! Let me know!

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