why-i-created-the-assertive-woman“You’re a rocket scientist!?”

Yep, I have a degree in Aerospace Engineering. I graduated 7 years ago and can honestly tell you, analyzing metal airframe parts for when they’ll begin to crack is not all that exciting!

Shocking, I know! Anyway, why am I writing this?

I wanted to share my “why” for creating The Assertive Woman. Sitting day in and day out in my cubicle running software code on computer generated models of bolts and fittings really made me question what I was spending my precious time doing (time — our only REAL asset!).

What was I contributing to the greater good of society? How was I making the world a better place?

Was I having any impact?!

Truth is, I was affecting the company’s bottom line and safety of the warfighter without a doubt, but my passion and heart were bored and lethargic… I was being pulled elsewhere.

I have an infinite craving for clarity, understanding, realization, universal truths, and I love empowering others to seek the same.

The Assertive Woman embodies what I wholeheartedly believe and I know without a doubt that other women could use the support, even if they can’t put their finger on it… ever have that feeling?

With all the hate, terror, division, and keyboard bullies around, we could all use a little encouragement now and then, right?!

The Assertive Woman is about reflection, insight, clarity, and empowerment. It’s about identifying how you feel, knowing what you deserve, and asking for what you need.

This is about you and building a community of women who can learn from each other and lift one another up instead of tearing each other down.

I’d like to invite you to engage in the conversation.

Comment below and let me know what your challenges are with being assertive? What areas do you need help with?

Tell me a story of a time when someone did something to hurt you and you could of been more assertive in that moment.

Ask me a question.

Or just say “hi.” That works too 🙂

My goal is to create a resource for you to better serve you with what you need in regards to assertiveness in your personal relationships.

Your vulnerability is safe with me, I promise.


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